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Become a Bobcat — For Life

Whether you're a high school student preparing to begin your college journey, a Transfer student interested in joining the Bobcat family, a working professional ready to take your career to the next level or a college grad in pursuit of a Graduate degree, there's a place for you at 俄亥俄州.

Ready to get started? Select your applicant type to learn more and apply.

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UnderGraduate Applicant Types


    大学 Credit Plus

    你是一个 大学 Credit Plus (CC+) applicant if you plan to earn college credit and satisfy high school graduation requirements at the same time by taking college-level courses.

    Application Deadlines and Guidelines



    你是一个 re-enrolling applicant if you were previously enrolled as a degree-seeking student at 俄亥俄州 and decided to take a fall or spring semester off (or longer) before returning. Taking the summer off does not make you a re-enrolling student.



    夏天 applicants are local high school students, special camp or workshop attendees, students getting an early start on fall enrollment, or students officially enrolled at another university but attending courses during the summer at 俄亥俄州.

UnderGraduate Application Methods

  • Common App

    Incoming Freshman, Transfer and international students can apply to Ohio University through the Common App. Common App streamlines your overall college application process by allowing you to apply to multiple colleges at once.

  • Alternative Online Application

    Making 俄亥俄州 your one and only? Our alternative online application is just for Ohio University, so it can be easier to complete.

  • Printable Application Forms

    PDF applications for admission are also available to download and print.

Graduate Applicant Types



    你是一个 Graduate student if you are taking classes that count toward a master's or doctoral degree or a Graduate-level certificate or endorsement.


    Heritage 大学 of Osteopathic Medicine

    你是一个 medical student if you will have completed a bachelor's degree by the time you enroll in classes towards the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree. Read more about the Heritage 大学 application process.

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